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I like the introduction of Word / Email being polarised in the scales of structure / communication - but seems to miss Instant Messaging?

I would put it past Email in the lowest form of structure and highest level of communication. Not sure if this could come here at all, due to the low level of IM usage compared to Email ... and the question is rather retorical anyway as it doesnt really matter where it fits in!

As IM is slowly being accepted as having merits in the corporate world, so too will Wiki's eventually.

Vincent Massol

Great post Mike. This is eerie! This is exactly how I describe a Wiki when I am doing pre-sales and trying to explain the different communication tools we use for doing distributed development... :-)

You may also be interested in the diagram I have on slide 16 of http://www.codehaus.org/~vmassol/blog/AOSD%20-%20Agile%20Offshore%20-%2020041217.ppt It shows the place of wikis in term of team knowledge sharing when compared with other tools. I'm sure the diagram could be refined though.

Congrats for your new blog. Your "wikizen" name is excellent. I'll be watching the space :-) (BTW, you'll be happy to know that I've been doing a full-day trek in India yestrday, wearing the confluence tee-short all the time ;-)).

Ivan Pope

Excellent start. Wikizen, I love it already. I'm using the term Social Media (or sMedia), rather than Social Software, at http://blog.ipmedia.info/blog.html

Robert Atkins

Actually you can replace a workplace with a coffee shop: http://www.wired.com/news/mac/0,2125,66276,00.html

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